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"How To Defend
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Bill Heid
Thomson, IL

Dear Friend:

WARNING: What you are about to read may be unsettling and offend your sense of safety and security... however... if you can get past that, then this will be one of the most important messages you'll read this year... maybe ever!

Here's the story...

Awhile back, I was talking to one of my employees and he told me his brother's house had been broken into.

And since I'm always concerned about my employees' (and their families') welfare, I asked him what happened.

Apparently, around Christmas time (2011), a group of robbers kicked in his brother's front door and ransacked his home. 

And Here's The Scary Part...


They did this in broad daylight on a Saturday morning (around 10 a.m.).  And it wasn't in a rough urban area in a notoriously dangerous big city.  This happened in a high-traffic, nice neighborhood in a (generally considered) very safe Midwestern town.

The only saving grace was his brother was at work (due to some rare mandatory overtime requirement). 

Normally, he would have been home.  And had he been there, he would have (according to an eyewitness report) had to face several-almost certainly-armed-robbers without a single weapon to defend himself!

The only deterrent he had was an alarm system that went off within 30 seconds.  But that didn't stop these predatory scumbags. 

Not at all.  They STILL took the time to go completely through his house-tearing it up as they went-and take checks, personal identification documents and anything else they could get their hands on before fleeing.

What's more, just around the corner from his house, a short while afterward, an elderly lady WAS at home when her door was kicked in-almost certainly by the same group-and she was severely beaten and held down with a shotgun to her head while they robbed her!

To this day, not one person has been charged with-or caught for-these crimes!

Fortunately, my employee's brother got the message and has taken numerous steps to not only deter someone from breaking into his home... but also... to defend himself if anything should happen like that in the future.

But those are just two examples of how bold the new breed of criminals are these days.  Across America there are hundreds (or even thousands) of stories happening every month just like this...

Often With Way Worse Outcomes!

And it doesn't look like things are going to get any better.  At least not any time soon... if ever.

For example: According to the latest Bureau of Justice Statistics' National Crime Victimization Survey...

1 Out Of Every 15 People In America Will
Be Victimized By Crime This Year... And...
1 Out Of Every 50 Will Suffer A Violent Attack!

What's even more alarming is, children ages 12 to 15 are more likely than any other age bracket to suffer assault... and... women are victims of crime almost as much as men.

In fact, according to RAINN (The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) 1 in 6 women will be sexually-assaulted sometime in their life.

And none of these numbers account for unreported crimes.  Just as a quick example (from RAINN again), 54% of sexual assaults are never reported to the police

So, if you consider the potential number of crimes that go unreported every year, it's easy to see that the threat to our safety and to that of our families is very real.

There are all kinds of reasons for this increasing level of crime: Economic recession.  Record unemployment.  The general downturn of moral values in our society.  And so on. 

But the reasons don't matter as much as the fact that our society is increasingly becoming more and more dangerous to live in for the average citizen of our country (regardless of location).

Hi, as it says above, my name is Bill Heid and I'm the president of Solutions From Science.  I founded this company to provide people with unique products and information created specifically for living and surviving in hard times.

Recently, because of my growing alarm for the safety of the good people of our country-and my own family and friends-I commissioned a book on self-defense titled...

Practical Self-Defense Techniques Thieves
And Other Lowlife Criminal Scum Don't
Want You To Know About!

This book and all the practical, easy-to-learn and apply self-defense techniques it reveals is based on the work of John Ames.  John's background as a self-defense and martial arts instructor includes training and experience in a variety of martial arts, such as: American Kickboxing, Ketsugo Jujitsu, Kung Fu and Tuite.

He has also worked with numerous police departments, the FBI, and the ATF... and... as a cinematographer for several real-life crime series on The Discovery Channel - "The Bureau" "New Detectives," "FBI Files," and "The Prosecutors."

His experience on these programs has provided him with opportunities to interview lead investigators, as well as victims and their families, giving him a keener insight into the devious mindset and behavior of criminals... and... how to deter, and if necessary, defeat them.

Each chapter of the book is designed in a logical, step-by-step, easy-to-understand fashion.  It'll take you by the hand and show you exactly what you need to do to fortify your life from predatory criminal scum.

Here is a breakdown of what you'll discover in each chapter...


  • When you are and when you are not allowed to use deadly force to defend yourself... Page 5
  • What the "duty to retreat" clause means.  (It's extremely important to know what you can and cannot do in terms of defending yourself or your loved ones.  Failure to follow this advice can land you in jail... while your attacker actually walks away scot-free!)... Page 6
  • When you have the right-under the law-to defend another person in distress... Page 7
  • The 6 qualifications under the "Castle Doctrine" that allow you to use force - even deadly force - within your home!  (Again, important to know because, there are some overlapping elements when it comes to protecting property that is inhabited versus property that is uninhabited.)... Page 8
  • When you can lawfully use force to recover stolen property... and... when you cannot... Page 9
  • The differences between criminal and civil liability under self-defense law.  (Whether you know it or not, you're liable both ways... and... there's a critical difference you must be aware of in terms of burden of proof required to convict you!)... Page 9
  • 7 factors you need to remember and consider concerning self-defense, property defense and defense of others.  (Abide by these guidelines and you should fare well under the law - both criminally and civilly.)... Page 11
  • What Biblical Law (including references made by Jesus himself) says about your right to defend yourself, your property and others.  (The real truth might surprise you!)... Pages 12-16


  • How to use "compassion" during a self-defense situation to keep yourself alive, out of prison... and... in the loving arms of your family... Page 17

  • Every two minutes someone in the US is sexually assaulted.
  • Why escape should always be your #1 priority in any attack... Page 18
  • The 6 categories of criminals-both predatory and non-predatory-you should be aware of and watch out for... Pages 18-22
  • The 6 categories of rapists-arguably the vilest of all criminals-as taught at the FBI Academy.  (This information is especially vital to all women!)... Pages 22-23
  • The 3 main weapons a predator uses to his (or her!) advantage just prior to or during an attack!  (By knowing and understanding these 3 predatory weapons, you put yourself in a better position to counter them.)... Page 24
  • 5 predatory behaviors you need to be aware of and watch out for... Pages 24-25
  • 6 warning "signals" predators put out prior to pouncing on a victim!  (Just being aware of-and alert to-these highly-manipulative and deceptive actions can often prevent someone from attacking you.)... Pages 25-26
  • 10 tips for avoiding perilous situations!  (Knowing what not to do and where not to go will go a long way toward helping you avoid being assaulted.)... Pages 26-30
  • A case study of one of the most notorious predators in history: Serial killer, Ted Bundy.  (If you want to understand the mindset of a cunning and completely ruthless predator-who seemed almost totally harmless, even charming to his victims-you must read this!)... Pages 30-37


    As the economy spirals downward, crime increases exponentially.
  • The primary emotion that directs our lives more than all the others combined... Page 38
  • What the concept of "freezing" is... and... why, even though it is sometimes useful to animals, it is the worst thing that can happen to you in the event of an unexpected and violent attack... Page 39
  • How to use visualization to decide what to do before an attack ever happens!  (This is crucial, because you'll be under too much duress to "think" about what to do in a crisis situation.  Instead, you must act on intuitive impulse.  And that impulse needs to be right... your life depends upon it!)... Page 40
  • Why striving to be fearless in the face of an attack is foolish... and... what you want to be and do instead... Page 41
  • How to use "Combat Breathing" to calm yourself after an attack or terrifying incident!  (Unfortunately-despite its name-this technique does not work during violent or sudden attacks.  In those cases, you'll discover another technique you should use instead!)... Page 42


    ATMs are becoming America's crime magnets.
  • 10 strategies for decreasing your chance of becoming a victim of crime (violent or otherwise) in a public place... Pages 44-45
  • 6 strategies for decreasing your chance of becoming a victim of crime (violent or otherwise) when being followed... 45-46
  • 13 strategies for decreasing your chance of becoming a victim of crime (violent or otherwise) while in your car... 45-46
  • 5 strategies for decreasing your chance of becoming a victim of crime (violent or otherwise) while at the ATM... 45-46
  • 11 strategies for decreasing your chance of becoming a victim of crime (violent or otherwise) while staying at a hotel... 45-46

(SPECIAL NOTE: This may seem like a lot of things (or strategies) you need to remember, but don't worry, they're simple and many of the strategies overlap.  And, once you go over them a few times, they'll become like second nature to you.)


  • How being small and other perceived "weaknesses" can actually work to your advantage in a confrontation... Page 49
  • The body's 11 built-in natural weapons you can use to disable an attacker... Pages 49-50

  • Learn brutally effective
  • What to do if escape from an attack is impossible...
    Pages 50-51
  • The body's 11 natural weak points and how striking each area will disable an attacker... often instantly!  (WARNING: 3 of these areas when struck-sometimes with just low to medium force-can actually kill a person.  So, you must be aware of them and your liability under the law before you decide to strike someone in one of these areas!)... Pages 51-52
  • 22 improvised weapons-you'll find in everyday situations-that can be used to end an attack quickly... or... buy yourself enough time to escape... Page 54
  • One of the very best improvised weapons almost everyone has on them at all times... Page 54
  • How to use your entire body as a weapon for self-defense!  (Most people only consider punching... and... possibly kicking.  But that is a mistake.  Sometimes a fatal mistake!)... Page 58
  • How to increase striking power and throw you attacker "off-guard" at the same time... Page 59
  • How to punch an attacker without breaking your hand... Page 61
  • Throat and eye attacks-among the most effective in real-life situations-that can quickly immobilize even the biggest, baddest attacker on the street.  (These must be used only in extreme situations!)... Pages 61-62
  • The "Insanity Blow" that instantly disorientates or causes unconsciousness!  (So easy and effective, a 98-pound-woman could use it effectively against a 200+ pound-man.  CAUTION: Never test or try this on anyone you don't want to seriously injure!)... Page 63
  • Why you never want to try to kick an attacker above the waist... Page 66
  • Where you should aim your kicks to cause the most damage... Page 66
  • What to do if you are surprise-attacked from behind... Page 68
  • What to do if you find yourself on the ground... Pages 73-75


(ANOTHER SPECIAL NOTE: In a July 2012 Black Belt magazine article titled, "Your Home Is Your Castle", author Kelly McCaan wrote, "During the past year, there's been an uptick in burglaries and violent home intrusions.  Sometimes victims are well-prepared to deal with confrontations but fail to do what's prudent to prevent having to confront criminals.  This is especially true in and around where they live."  That-along with the stories I related to you at the beginning of this message-should open your eyes as to why the information in this chapter is more important to you now than ever before in the past.)

There has been a 9% increase in Breaking and Entering crimes over the last 6 months.
  • A startling statistic-from the FBI-that reveals burglary is (by far) the most common threat to our homes... Page 76
  • 9 general (but very effective) burglary prevention tips... 77-78
  • 7 general (but again, very effective) burglary prevention tips for when you away on vacation... Page 78
  • How to use a burglar's inherent mindset against him (or her!) to make it less likely your home will be broken into... Page 79
  • The most vulnerable entry point for burglars!  (This must be secured at all costs!)... Page 79
  • 3 types of doors that make entry much, much easier... and... how to secure them quite inexpensively... Pages 80-83
  • How to secure your windows!  (25% to 35% of all home burglaries are through windows left open or unlocked... so... a routine check of your windows is the first thing you should establish.  (However, there are a few more things you need to do if you really want to keep thieves out!)... Pages 83-84
  • A checklist and web site resource for establishing a Neighborhood Watch program.  (This is one of the best ways to reduce crime in your community and help keep property values up.)... Pages 85-86
  • Do's and Don'ts concerning an alarm system for your home!  (Modern systems can be a great deterrent and are much less expensive than even a decade ago.  And they can get you discount on your homeowner's insurance.  What's more, many allow for remote video monitoring of your home... and... have fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, as well.  Two other destructive and potentially deadly threats!)... Pages 86-87
  • What a home safe can and cannot offer in terms of protecting your valuables... Page 88
  • The Home Invasion Robbery: One of the most violent, horrendous crimes imaginable, because of the often irreparable psychological damage it can cause!  Here's what you need to know (and do) to protect yourself and your family... if... heaven forbid, you ever find yourself in this situation... Pages 88-92
  • How to construct, fortify and stock a safe or "panic" room in your house!  (The nice thing about having one of these rooms is it can also double as a storm shelter... Pages 92-94
  • How to create an effective "Family Emergency And Security Plan"... Pages 94-96
  • 7 tips for preventing a burglary during Christmas time.  (For most of us, this is a joyous time of the year of giving and for sharing with loved ones.  Unfortunately, thieves don't think this way.  They look upon it as a target-rich, opportunistic time of year to steal!)... Pages 96-97


  • An explanation of Federal Gun Control Laws... including... the 2nd Amendment and all the Congressional Acts that have been enacted since 1934.  (This quick history lesson is important for every gun owner to know.)... 100-101

  • Always know the law before you pull the trigger.
  • A list of typical state and local laws concerning firearms.  (This list serves as a good starting point, but, because there's very little consistency from state to state, even city to city, it is important you do the research on your local area before purchasing a firearm.  You'll find out how to do so... and... doing so can help keep you alive and out of prison!)... Pages 101-102
  • A principle you should understand-that is based upon universal law-concerning guns and their use to stop aggression!  (This critical concept is taught in most police academies and at most military institutions around the world.)  Pages 102-103
  • Why you never want to buy a secondhand gun from someone you don't know... Page 103
  • How to check the legitimacy of any gun dealer before you purchase a firearm from them... Page 103
  • Why you never want to buy a gun that has had its identification marks altered in any way, shape or form!  (Also, why you should never alter the identification marks of any gun you own, either.)... Page 103-104
  • The #1 rule to abide by concerning gun safety... Page 104
  • The #2 rule to abide by concerning gun safety... Page 105
  • The 6 mandatory "unwritten" rules of safely handling a firearm... Page 105
  • A special caution concerning firearms and children... Pages 105-106
  • Why you shouldn't blindly follow one expert's advice when it comes to determining which firearm is right for you... and... what you should do instead... Page 107
  • A comparison of strengths and weaknesses of the rifle, the shotgun and the handgun.  (Each has their merits.  And, after reading this section, you may want to consider a combination of guns to cover all your bases.)... Pages 107-111
  • How to determine the right size weapon and ammunition for you and your situation.  (There are 3 main factors you need to take into consideration.)... Pages 111-114
  • What you need to know about carrying a concealed gun.  (Do's and Don'ts that could save your life!)... Pages 114-115
  • The 5 basic categories of marksmanship.  (Important to master, because, you need to perform them instinctively if you are ever in a high-stress situation!)... Pages 116-122


  • The #1 and #2 thing you must do immediately if you have been assaulted... Pages 124-125
  • The benefits of getting a friend or somebody you trust to assist and stay with you after an attack... Pages 125-126
  • What to do concerning evidence at a scene of an attack.  (Under duress, your instincts can cause you to do certain things that can and will destroy valuable evidence.)... Pages 126-127
  • How to create evidence if you are ever abducted!  (Yes, you can actually take a proactive approach in this type of situation that can help you gain your freedom... and... help capture your abductor at the same time!)... Page 127
  • The very best evidence you can provide authorities... Page 127
  • How to deal with emergency first responders for the best possible outcome... Pages 127-128
  • How to cope with the flood of emotions that often follow an attack.  (Regret, fear, guilt, shame... some or all of these may come at you and you need to know where to turn for help!)... Page 128


This section, alone, is easily worth 10 times the price of the book

If you do nothing else but get the book and read this quick 6-page section...

You Will Be Better Prepared For And More
Secure From Crime And/Or Violent Attack
Than 99% Of The Population Today!

In fact, if you want to get the most value out of the book, I recommend you turn to the back and read this section first... and then... go back and read the rest of it from the beginning.

This book has absolutely no fluff or filler.  Just 138 concise pages with full color photo demonstrations of all the techniques.  And once you read it, you'll know what you need to know to make your life and your family's lives infinitely safer.

The practical self-defense techniques in this book are not a luxury but a necessity for dealing with today's "new criminals"... and... the often unexpected and extreme violence we are increasingly facing.

But rather than go on and on about all the amazing benefits the book contains, I'll let you see for yourself at no risk whatsoever with my simple...

90-Day Risk-Free
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Here's the deal: The price of the book is...

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